Klinger Fluid Control launches new ball valves

With the Monoball KHO, Klinger Fluid Control is launching a new, even more, robust ball valve.

District heating pipes are like an accordion. They constantly expand and contract. They are hundreds of kilometers long and seasonal pressure and temperature fluctuations cause enormous changes in length. They have to withstand all this to keep us comfortably warm.

This is true not only for the pipes but also for the ball valves, which are placed between the pipes at regular intervals in order to be able to shut off the water if necessary. In particular, the weld seams of these ball valves are placed under extreme stress. If they were to fail, the heating supply would be disrupted, and extensive excavation work would be needed. To prevent this, Klinger Fluid Control (KFC) is launching a whole new generation of ball valves: the Monoball KHO.

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