Latching solenoid valves from M&M

M&M International released an additional version of solenoid valve that can work without continuous power supply. The latching configuration depends on a special operator with built-in magnet, able to work with coils at a max. power of 3W since it requires a momentary pulse to energise and de-energise.

The special operator and the 3W coil options can be fitted to valve series B297 (direct acting) and to valve series B203-204-205 (pilot operated). The max. OPD for pilot operated valves is 6 bar, and it varies according to the orifice size for the direct acting versions.

The latching solenoid valves have very low power consumption and can be used with disposable power sources (batteries). They are recommendable in applications where the heating of the coil needs to be limited.

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