LB Bentley’s gate valve for XMT injections

In 80’s, LB Bentley designed and patented the very first small bore subsea gate valves for chemical injection applications on Christmas Trees (XMT’s) and manifolds. Prior to the introduction of the Bentley small bore valves, it was common practice to utilise larger valves with adapted bores for chemical injection applications. This meant that the chemical injection valves significantly added to the overall weight and size of the XMT.
LB Bentley realised that with such a valve the requirement to have robust sealing capability was paramount. Thus, the Through Conduit Gate Valve was designed with full metal to metal sealing technology throughout the flow bore.
The Through Conduit Gate Valve had a split gate and fixed seat design, as this is the only way that true metal to metal sealing in the valve bore can be achieved.
Over the years, LB Bentley have re-qualified the original design to satisfy the developments in industry requirements. The valve fully satisfies the requirements of API 6A 20th Edition and API 17D 2nd Edition plus it has achieved a SIL2 rating. Due to its success, the original design has remained practically unchanged over the years.
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