LEAG relies on AFRY for Power-to-X project in Germany

Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG (LEAG) is developing a second Power-to-X (PtX) plant to be built on the decommissioned LEAG, area of the coal power site in Boxberg, Saxony. AFRY is supporting LEAG from concept optimisation to permit applications and tendering processes.

One of Germany’s major power producers, LEAG, intends to establish the country’s largest centre for the production and energetic utilisation of hydrogen, along with large-scale storage of green electricity – the whole initiative known as the H2UB-project – in Boxberg, Saxony.

The hydrogen power plant (H2KW) will consist of a 110 MW electrolyser capable of producing up to 2,100 kilograms of hydrogen per hour. The on-site storage facility is designed for storing at least one day of green hydrogen production.

The hydrogen plant will enable the storage of surplus electricity generated during sunny and windy periods, converting it into green hydrogen. This can then be reconverted by means of a 10 MW fuel cell plant back into electricity during periods of heightened power demand. The green hydrogen could also be transported to external customers via rail or truck, allowing for flexibility in response to market dynamics and developments. The plant will operate in conjunction with a battery storage plant being built at the same site.

Having already provided advice during the permitting and tender preparation phase of another large PtX project called the “Innovative Storage Power Plant – Jänschwalde”, LEAG has confirmed AFRY as its trusted technical consultant for the hydrogen power plant of the Boxberg project.

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