Light solution to backflow problems

New legislation from EIGA (European Industrial Gas Association) is forcing suppliers of gas to the food and drink industry to think again about the distribution equipment used. In particular GN10 states that where gas is being supplied to an existing installation a device must be installed to ensure there can be no backflow from the installed tank to the supply tank.
CryoService, a major distributor of CO2 and other gases to the fast food industry, worked in conjunction with Flowserve Flow Control to find a solution to the problem. CryoService was already using the Worcester Controls’ 44 Series as part of a hand-held manifold block at the end of the CO2 feed line. They wanted to install a non-return valve as close to the supply nozzle as possible but did not want to significantly increase the weight of the manifold. The solution was to use the Worcester NR44, which combines the standard Worcester three-piece valve with a Gestra non-return valve into a single, compact lightweight assembly. The combination of the two products is unique and combines the positive shut-off that is required with assurance that there can be no reverse flowback to the supply vessel.

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