Linear actuators ensure precise positioning

A manufacturer of electrical transformer core winding machines is utilising linear actuators from Schaeffler to ensure that sheet metal parts are handled and positioned with repeatable accuracy.
The dynamic handling of transformer core sheets to repeatable high accuracy requires robust, large-scale machinery, which in turn requires reliable, high performance sub-systems and components for those machines.
Swiss company Tuboly-Astronic is a developer and installer of large-scale electrical winding machines, which produce transformer cores used for energy and electrical power applications for supplying electricity to customers on a regional or national scale.
Winding machines for the production of transformer cores typically comprise a cut-to-length production line, as well as handling and positioning systems for the layered stacking of electrical sheets. The sheet is fed from a coil into multiple workstations, where it is cut-to-length and mitred. The sheets are then positioned in layers using a high precision handling and stacking machine known as an e-stacking unit. The maximum offset tolerance of cut edges of these layers is 0.5mm, which presents challenges for the machine builder.
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