Linear motor dedicated to actuation

The ServoTube from Copley Controls is a three phase linear motor designed for use as an actuator. It is suited to stacking, cutting, pressing, coating, filling, and pick and place applications. It uses linear motor technology and when used with a matching digital amplifier such as the Xenus, ServoTube actuators form a complete plug and play positioning subsystem. A PLC can be used to initiate the Xenus’ stored motion profiles, simplifying the integration of the ServoTube into existing positioning systems. Alternatively, used in a distributed control system, the ServoTube will execute CANopen positioning profiles received by a Xenus drive via a two-wire CANbus. ServoTube’s continuous force ranges from 51 to 104N with a peak force of 780N. The actuator is capable of a maximum 586m/s2 acceleration, and 6m/s velocity at a resolution down to 12um. It produces a 1V peak-peak sin/cos analogue position signal.

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