Liquid analysis on low power

Vaporisation of liquid samples for analysis through a gas analyser is provided by the GO Regulator MV-1 miniature vaporiser, now available from CIRCOR Instrumentation for surface, panel or manifold mounting in laboratories and mobile applications where only low voltage power is available. Combining a compact design with a large choice of material and mounting options for maximum system versatility, the instrument has a low internal dead volume of less than 2.7cc and standard 0.025 Cv flow coefficient. With an operating temperature range of -40 to +177oC, it comprises a pressure regulator with the addition of a 12 or 24V dc heater and temperature controller assembly. While standard features allow use in many different services, including corrosive fluids, the vaporiser also can be tailored to virtually any application. The MV-1 is ATEX Certified and is available as standard surface or panel mounted units with 1/8in FNPT or 1/16in FNPT port size options.

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