LMA and LMAC series linear actuators

With a travel range up to 1.5m, speeds up to 5m/s, 5g acceleration and micron-level positioning accuracy, Aerotech’s new LMA and LMAC series linear actuators provide the enabling technology for high-throughput / high precision pick and place machines, automated test stations and assembly equipment. Available in two module sizes with linear brushless servomotors and integral feedback encoders, LMA/LMAC actuators include dual sealed linear motion guide bearings and chain type cable management for a complete positioning solution. LMA and LMAC actuators can be used as fixed or moving carriage positioners and may be applied to single-axis positioning, X-Y mounting, dual parallel axis, Z axis and gantry style positioning systems. The LMA version has a section of 140 x 120mm and a payload of 40kg central loading with an offset load capability of 20kg. The smaller LMAC model has an 84 x 90mm section with a 20kg central and 10kg offset loading. Both models are available in travel ranges from 100 to 1500mm (in 100mm increments) and have a positioning accuracy of +/-1um/25mm as standard or a calibrated accuracy of +/-5um over the entire travel length when used with an Aerotech controller.
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