Long-serving eccentric plug valves

Two 18” and three 14” DeZurik PEC eccentric plug valves were removed from service after over 60 years on the intake structure to the primary clarifiers at a water treatment plant in Omaha, Nebraska. These have become the PEC eccentric plug valves with the longest recorded service life. Over the past 60 years, these valves handled flows of 12 to 15 MGD and were cycled a couple times each day. The valves were originally installed when part of the plant was built in the 1950’s. When removed, the valves were still in operation, used daily, and performing well. Since the facility needed to automate the valves however, it was decided to replace them with new, automated DeZURIK eccentric plug valves.

In 2009, DeZURIK eccentric plug valves were removed from the St. Cloud Water Treatment Plant after 53 years of service. At that time they were the oldest valves known to be in service.

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