Looking for US-made valves

Posted by David Sear

I recently met up with a gentleman who has a clear valve-procurement mission.

Mr Hayton

Mr Ron Hayton, General Manager of International Oil and Gas Services, L.L.C.

“I am looking for valves made in the US,” was his message.

The person in question is Ron Hayton, who is the General Manager of International Oil and Gas Services, L.L.C.

Based in Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman, International Oil & Gas Services has various divisions through which it supplies products for mechanical services, instrumentation, telecommunications, etc.

Mr Hayton explained further: “When it comes to key equipment for use in process systems, one of our oil & gas clients prefers to buy only from sources in Europe or the US.”

He continued: “The client places high value on proven quality. At this time, I am therefore interested in meeting US-based manufacturers or suppliers who can provide equipment such as valves, pumps, pipework, etc.”

Concluding with some thoughts on the local business climate, Mr Hayton enthusiastically described Oman as a great place to be.

“There is little bureaucracy, the people are well educated and this is a beautiful country,” he commented. “The only time you don’t want to be outside is during the summer, when temperatures can soar past fifty degrees.”

Mr Hayton can be contacted on: ronhayton@iogsoman.co.om

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