Lysine production

Invensys APV has been awarded a contract valued at approximately USD 12 million to install a new lysine production plant at Agroferm’s Esbjerg site. In meeting the technical challenges involved in large-scale Lysine production, APV has incorporated the expertise of other Invensys businesses, with Foxboro technology being used to control the overall batch process. Lysine is an amino acid, a critical ingredient in the feed mixes for pigs and chickens. The new plant plans an annual production of 12,500 tonnes, which will make Agroferm the largest Lysine producer in Northern Europe. The production of Lysine is a complex process and one that makes very stringent demands regarding sterility of both the plant and the raw ingredients themselves. As Lysine is produced by bacteriological fermentation, the “environment” in which the fermentation takes place must be precisely controlled. The scope of APV’s work includes raw material intake and storage, raw material sterilisation units, salt dissolving units, evaporation and final product tanks for dry and liquid products.

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