MACOGA supplies high-pressure expansion joints

The Tâmega Hydroelectric Complex represents the largest hydropower project in the history of Portugal and is one of the European energy sector’s most important initiatives of the last 25 years. 

MACOGA secured a contract for the design, manufacturing, and testing of two MRR Reinforced Expansion Joints DN4600 for 12 bar design pressure and two DN2000 MWA single unrestrained units for 8.1 bar design pressure for the Tâmega Hydroelectric Complex.

For MACOGA this is another large contract received for Hydro Power Projects. Once more, MACOGA secured the contract award with an economical and technically optimal proposal, as well as its long-term experience in the design and manufacturing of such complex Expansion Joints.

Tâmega comprises three dams: Alto Tâmega, Daivões, and Gouvães. In particular, the latter will be commissioned in 2021 and will be used for energy storage. It will guarantee the supply of energy for the almost three million inhabitants of the city of Porto. In 2023, the entire complex will be finished and ready to provide a combined generating capacity of about 1,158 MW.

MACOGA is the main supplier for Expansion Joints to Hydro Generating projects throughout the world.
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