Maire Tecnimont sign Memorandum of Intent with Eurochem

Maire Tecnimont announces that it has signed with EuroChem, a global fertilizer company, a Memorandum of Intent according to which Tecnimont S.p.A and Tecnimont Russia LLC, both subsidiaries of Maire Tecnimont, have been selected to carry out the Early Works Services with subsequent extension into Engineering Procurement and Construction activities for a new urea and ammonia production facility at Kingisepp, in Northwest Russia, in case the EuroChem’s investment plans go ahead as planned.

The proposal from Maire Tecnimont provides the value up to approximately EUR 1bn for the new combined urea and ammonia plant with capacity about 3,000 tonnes of ammonia and 4,000 tonnes of urea per day, once fully ramped up. Under the terms of the Early Works agreement, Maire Tecnimont Group will carry out preliminary engineering and site surveying work at the brownfield site adjacent to EuroChem’s existing production facilities at Kingisepp.

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