Malema’s new BCV-980 control valve

Malema has introduced a new pinch valve – BCV-980. It is a panel mounted pinch valve for high-purity, single-use applications. Onboard intelligence provides standalone control for Cross Flow Filtration [CFF], Tangential Flow Filtration [TFF] modules and automated blending systems.

Targeted at the Biopharm OEM and similar markets, the BCV-980 is an improvement from the BCV-910. The BCV-980’s design allows for a single valve to be used with any tube from 1/8″ to 1″ ID size. It provides automatic control of pressure or flow rates in flexible tubing systems including braided tubing applications. Internal microprocessor controls monitor external sensors and continuously adjust valve position accordingly. All exposed surfaces are electropolished 316L Stainless Steel. The BCV-980 supports wash-down applications with an ingress protection class rating of IP65.

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