Manual valve gives precise control

Badger Meter has introduced a new range of Research Control manually operated valves which combine the precision Cv and flow characteristics of automatically actuated valves. The SMV series of globe two-way valves is available in sizes from 0.5 to 1in, in a choice of materials including stainless steel, alloy 20, Monel, Hastelloy and other more specialist materials. Cv’s with linear, equal % or quick-opening characteristics are available as standard from 6.0 to 0.05, with smaller sizes from the factory. The valves are designed with the stem threads above and out of the process fluid, thereby reducing the possibility of thread contamination and corrosion. They are designed to operate in temperatures ranging from –100 to +400F. However, a cooling fin option is available which extends the high-temperature capability of the valves to +700F. SMV Series valves will operate to pressures up to 5000psig for the 0.5in version, while the 0.75in and 1in versions handle pressures up to 1500psig. Standard packing is PTFE chevron rings, with graphite and PEK are available as options. Other options include extended bonnets for cryogenic or hot applications, angled bodies, heating jackets and TiN coating of inner valve, stem and seat.

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