Marwin introduces characterised plates

Marwin Valve now offers a variety of characterised plates available on the CV-3000 Series characterized control valve. The v-style metal inserts provide precise throttling control. The inserts are pinned to a machined groove in the v-style insert is placed on the inlet side of the valve to protect the seat from high velocities, which can occur while controlling flow. The insert is designed to change flow characteristics of the valve and is offered in different configurations to meet a variety of modulating applications. The Marwin characterised inserts make throttling control valves that are both forgiving and accommodating. If the valve is located in a process with changing conditions, the characterised insert can be changed to meet the Cv and/or the required control characteristics. With the special inserts, Marwin control valves give accurate control through the entire valve stroke to meet flow conditions. Different insert shapes will affect the flow rate, capacity, and inherent curves. Materials of construction for the inserts include Hastelloy B, Alloy 20, Hastelloy C, Bronze, Monel, carbon steel, stainless steel and other special materials such as Duplex, 254 SMO and titanium. Typical applications for the CV-3000 Series include temperature control, flow control, level control, Ph control, pressure control, and a variety of other services. Severe chemical applications are addressed using compatible seats, seals and stem packing, as well as with alloy metal trim and/or other alloy material components.

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