Masoneilan 74000 series erosion control valve

Baker Hughes, Masoneilan is pleased to announce that the latest technology innovation of its74000 Series, Erosion Resistant Solutions, is now available for performance-enhancing control. Baker Hughes is a global supplier of Hot High-Pressure Separator (HHPS) level control valves for hydrocracking processes using slurry and ebullating bed type reactors with the unique fluted plug trim technology. It has now added a Patent-Pending additive manufactured enhancement that delivers increased service life to a widely recognized difficult application. 
In coordination with the Baker Hughes additive technology lab, Masoneilan has developed a proprietary additive metal layering technology delivered through a digital metal printing process that uses laser directed energy to fuse powdered metal tungsten carbide onto an Inconel substrate. Where the service conditions and eroding fluid of residual hydrocracking has quickly destroyed lesser designs, this solution surrounds the proven fluted trim design with an additive cladding that will measurably extend the service life of the product. Extensive lab validation has supported product release and field installations shipping from its Conde, France site in December 2020.
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