Masoneilan awarded severe service contract in Spain

CEPSA’s Refinery in San Roque, Cádiz, Spain has awarded BHGE’s Masoneilan the contract to provide the heavy-duty Severe Service, angle control valves for the “Bottom-of-the-Barrel” upgrade project consisting of 3 new construction blocks including LC-Fining, Sulphur Unit, and Utilities. The Chevron licensed, LC Finer technology processes highly viscous hydrocarbon left over at the bottom of the vacuum unit through the reactor to produce a higher value low sulfur, mid-distillates for the production of marine diesel. These heavy oil fluids are entrained with catalyst that when processed through high pressure reducing control valves result in severely erosive applications. This milestone contract celebrates a long term relationship supplying BHGE Masoneialn control valves to the CEPSA’s San Roque Refinery since the 1970s.

BHGE’s portfolio of severe service valves includes a wide range of high-pressure letdown products to meet application challenges with almost any process fluid, clean or dirty. The 74000 series is a proven product that has been specified frequently over the last several years as more refineries add upgrade units to process the highly erosive bottom-of-the-barrel hydrocarbon residue. This solution, coupled with the flagship 77000 series and LincolnLog products, are proven Masoneilan severe service valves that customers look for specifically in these applications for higher reliability.

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