Metal seated ball valve solutions for S-Zorb equipment

As we know that Sulfur Removal Process is always been the critical process of oil refining. So, S-Zorb Equipment is very important for the oil refining. For S-Zorb Equipment, the high performance metal seated ball valve solution is needed for the fluid medium with Catalysts. Caused from the factor of Catalyst, high temperature, high pressure and high frequency operation cycles request. The metal seated ball valve was always easy to be broken. Generally, the total new valves could only been used for half year or 3 months (Including some famous Brands).

On February 18, 2019, C Tech Science and Technology Co., Ltd was lucky to have the opportunity visit one oil refining company of Sinopec located in China. For this oil refining Company, the metal seated ball valve used for their S-Zorb Equipment could only be used for half year before broken. “We have checked the S-Zorb Equipment application field, and communicated to the related technical Engineers of the oil refining company. We reviewed and analysed their S-Zorb Equipment Catalyst, fluid pressure and temperature, etc. We have done the totally new design, selection and solution focus on the metal seated ball valve which was used for their S-Zorb Equipment and ensured that it can be used for at last one and a half year or more.”

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