Metallic seal design uses Inconel

Ultra-Flex Garlock Sealing Technologies has introduced a new metallic seal designed to meet the demanding requirements of the semiconductor, ultra-high vacuum, space and nuclear industries. A joint development with CEA, the French Atomic Energy Commission, the Ultra-Flex seal design achieves a high sealing tightness of 1×10-9 cm3/s He with clamping pressures equivalent to that of elastomeric seals. Ultra-Flex has an open C cross-section manufactured from an exterior metal sealing material – gold, aluminium, silver or copper, depending on the application – formed over an internal metallic core of Inconel. On loading the seal during assembly, two opposing offset ridges on the sealing face move into the optimum position as the C section deforms. The metallic composition of Ultra-Flex provides benefits over elastomer seals including high and low temperature resistance, zero outgassing, reduced contamination and wider chemical resistance. Ultra-Flex is available in a wide range of sizes and materials

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