Metso Automation and ABB agreement

ABB in Norway and Metso Automation have come to a mutual agreement regarding joint activities and have signed a memorandum of understanding for future collaboration in the oil and gas industry. The integration of Metso Automation’s flow control technology with ABB’s automation systems will result in improved safety, reliability and process efficiency on oil and gas installations. ABB has extensive knowledge and experience of automation technology products, enhanced oil production, asset management and information management systems, and system integration. Metso Automation has extensive knowledge and experience of process control valves, emergency valves, intelligent valve controllers and partial-stroke testing devices for emergency valves. Both companies recognize that their capabilities and expertise are complementary within the field of valve monitoring in the oil and gas industry and wish to exploit this knowledge further. Metso Automation is continuously enhancing the integration of its Neles Product Line with all automation systems. The Neles ValvGuard product provides valve testing, monitoring, and maintenance tools that compliment the capabilities of ABB’s asset management solutions. Integration will provide ABB System 800xA users a proven solution for their valve applications.
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