Metso introduces ValveTriage Service

Properly targeted maintenance actions are crucial in maintaining adequate process performance. ValveTriage Service is a new way to manage field device condition and control valve performance at industrial plants. Metso ValveTriage Service guides maintenance planning to focus actions on the devices most needing attention. The service utilises process data to diagnose and prioritise device issues that leads to bottom-line savings by focusing maintenance on devices that require it most.

The new ValveTriage Service is especially advantageous for plants that do not yet have modern digitalised device technology or possibilities for portable testing. As the existing control systems gather real-time data from all corners of the plant, Metso’s ValveTriage Service turns the data into meaningful diagnostic information to evaluate the condition and performance of the field devices.

ValveTriage Service runs 24/7 to perform various diagnostic measures. The true advantage of real-time metrics calculated from process data is that the extent of the problem and its effect on the process can be quantified. This gives far more value than a true/false diagnostic. More importantly, severe problems receive a much higher priority. Prioritisation is even more valuable when combined with a device’s criticality information, such as its impact on the process, safety and environment.

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