Metso product receives SIL certifications

Metso has certified several flow control products to comply with the ‘IEC 61511, Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)’ technical standard for the process industry sector.

According to Timo Torvinen, VP, Energy & Hydrocarbon sales and marketing, Metso, “In recent years, our customers, particularly in the energy and hydrocarbon industry, have been looking for standardized best-in-class valve and controller technologies that can be applied systematically both in process control and safety applications.”

The products that can be used in safety loops requiring Safety Integrity Level SIL 3 classified automated on-off valves include Neles X and D series ball valves, Neles L6 and Mapag B-series butterfly valves, Neles B-series actuators and Neles ValvGuard VG9000 intelligent safety solenoid.

Products that can be used in flow control loops requiring SIL classified control valves in applications where a control valve can perform the safety action include Neles Finetrol eccentric rotary plug control valve and Neles ND9000 intelligent valve controller.
Third-party certificates are in accordance with the newest version of IEC 61508. Metso control and automated on-off valves provide complete solutions from a single source supplier and are tested as an assembly to assure compatibility of crucial safety loop components. Furthermore, to improve use and servicing of critical safety loop components, Metso has introduced new safety manuals for their valve and actuator series. These provide the functional and safety-related information required to integrate and use valves in safety systems in accordance with the IEC 61508 standard.
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