Mexico: hydroelectric project

Mexico state-owned power company, CFE Comision Federal de Electricidad (Federal Electricity Commission), has received three bids for the 750MW La Yesca hydroelectric project to be located on the Santiago River in Jalisco and Nayarit states, Mexico. A consortium composed of the Mexican engineering firm CIA, Promotora e Inversora (PISA), Peninsular Compania Constructora and Constructora de Proyectos Hidroelectricos, submitted the lowest bid of USD 768 million. The international public tender for La Yesca hydroelectric project called for the construction of the civil work, electro-mechanical work, associated work, engineering, equipment and materials supply, installation, testing, technical support and all associated services. La Yesca, which will be the second tallest dam in the world after China’s Shibuya, includes a reservoir of 12 million cum and a dam with a height of 220m. CFE will award the contract to the selected company on 6 September 2007, which is scheduled to be signed on 21 September 2007. Construction startup of La Yesca Hydroelectric plant is to begin by the end of next month and will last four complete years.
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