Microfluidic valves and pumps

New ranges of microfluidic valves and pumps, which can be used in isolation, in sub-systems, or built into fully integrated systems have been launched by Dolomite. The new range of solenoid valves and metering pumps are small yet powerful tools in microfluidics, offering the ability to provide very precise fluid control, whilst maintaining a small overall system size. The valves and pumps are made from inert materials such as PTFE and PEEK for maximum chemical resistance. The solenoid valves and metering pumps are designed with the smallest possible dead-volumes to maximize sample availability, which is of the utmost importance in microfluidic systems. The low dead volume also makes the valves suitable for integration with Dolomite’s microfluidic chips. The small installation area allows new opportunities in designing complex systems with a very small footprint.
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