M&J Valve offers 4-way diverter valve

The M&J Valve 4-way diverter valve system from Celeros Flow Technology is specifically designed to meet the rigid requirements of bi-directional meter proving, including frequent cycling, zero leakage, and reliable, repeatable sealing.

The M&J Valve 4-Way Valve System is an ideal choice for meter proving in oil & gas metering systems, tank storage, fuel loading, and transport pipelines. It has been developed using the cumulative expertise of the M&J Valve team, who have designed, tested, and started up some of the world’s largest, most sophisticated metering systems over the past decade.

Its unique design and operating characteristics mean that the 4-Way Valve System can be cycled hundreds of times per day, completing each cycle in a matter of seconds. Field adjustable mechanical stops between the body and plug virtually eliminate operator failure, seal misalignment, and leakage common in other valves. Large, heavy-duty stems and bearings plus field replaceable mechanically retained resilient seals (Viton standard) make this valve highly robust and low in maintenance.

A pressure gauge indicator of a positive seal between flow streams provides proof of a double block-and-bleed type seal after each operation, as required by the API Liquid Measurement Manual 2531.  The differential check relief valve assembly is set to hold a 25 psi lower pressure in the body than the prover or valve port. This differential is indicated on the easy-to-read differential 0-50 psi pressure gauge.

The Differential Pressure Gauge Seating Method is simple, automatic, and does not use solenoids, making it simple and reliable in the harshest operating conditions.

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