Model 760 Valve Positioner

The Siemens 760 Valve Positioner now features a new, lower profile enclosure that is much more compact, lighter in weight, and easier to instal than older models. An additional conduit port adds to the installation flexibility, and allows the user to make wiring connections from two sides, thereby isolating the signal and feedback wires. The cost-effective modular concept in the model 760 reduces inventory by allowing interchangeable parts. A choice of rectilinear or rotary mounting options provides wide application flexibility. Based on the 760 pneumatic product line, the base unit provides cam characterisation, split ranging, direct or reverse action, and single or double acting without requiring additional parts. Non-interaction of the zero and span adjustments significantly reduces calibration and set-up time. Operates in harsh environments with NACE MR-01-75 compliant materials.

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