Modified TPE diaphragm for extreme temperatures

In 2000, Buschjost launched its revolutionary (one-piece) TPE diaphragm. Since then, this technology has been developed and optimised further.

To increase the service life of the diaphragm further at high and low temperatures, Buschjost has developed a diaphragm with a purge air bore. The principle behind this latest innovation is actually very simple: A tiny hole is made at the centre of the diaphragm. During purging, this small opening produces an air vortex at the valve outlet. The vortex acts as a barrier, keeping acids and gases in the raw gas flow away from the diaphragm and protecting it against extreme temperatures. The valve is thus exposed to less stress, which prolongs its service life.

Until recently, standard diaphragms were available for two temperature ranges, namely -40 to +85°C and -10 to +140°C. The new TPE diaphragm from Buschjost, however, covers a temperature range of -45 to +140 °C. The patent for this unique system is currently pending. All standard valves can be upgraded quickly and easily with the new purge air diaphragm. Given the minor upgrade costs, the benefits are obviously substantial: With the new diaphragm, valves become suitable for use in aggressive environments and at temperatures from -45 to +140 °C, while their service life is actually increased.

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