Modified valves in hydrogen plant

Specially developed Severn Glocon globe valves have been ordered for a hydrogen gas production plant in Italy. Known as “switching” valves, they are used in the PSA (pressure swing adsorption) process that removes impurities from the hydrogen-rich gas manufactured in steam methane reforming plant. The specialised plant is designed and manufactured by Axsia Howmar, which has ordered 25 of the valves for equipment to be installed at a refinery in Italy. Ian Pattenden, Axsia Howmar Project Manager, explains: “Switching valves are used to divert the flow of Syngas – an impure gas containing approximately 75% hydrogen – between specially designed adsorber vessels under PLC control. The process can produce up to 99.999% pure hydrogen product with recoveries as high as 90%. The adsorption process operates in a cyclic manner and demands very rapid stroke times from the valves, with bubble-tight shutoff for flow in both directions. The globe valve configuration is inherently suitable for this type of application, as long as the design is robust and reliable enough to cope with the critical and extremely arduous cyclic nature of the application over a long term operating period”.

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