MOGAS Industries, Inc. celebrates 50 years

MOGAS Industries, Inc. (MOGAS) celebrated its 50-year anniversary with a commemorative celebration. The company officially began at 8:20 p.m. on May 17th, 1973.
MOGAS has earned a global reputation as a leading severe service manufacturer for the most extreme industrial applications in power, mining, refining, petrochemical/chemical, oil & gas, and specialty application industries. Significant business units include Severe Service Valves, Systems & Consulting (modules), Surface Technologies (coatings), Service & Reliability.
Louis Mogas formed Mogas Machine Works in 1973 with 16 employees working under 19,000 sq ft of manufacturing space on a couple of acres. Today, privately owned MOGAS Industries employs over 325 people across six countries. Their Houston-based headquarters now has 100,000 sq ft of manufacturing capacity spanning 15 acres. Campus improvements, such as ‘Class A’ corporate offices, an advanced coating facility, a 3-acre wooded park, and numerous facility upgrades attest to MOGAS’ success not only as a significant manufacturer but also to the Company staying true to its original business philosophy of putting people before profits.
A significant part of MOGAS sales is international, with sales and service centers in China, Australia, Canada, South America, Africa, The Middle East, Europe, and India. With representatives and technicians in more than 40 countries, MOGAS is known for partnering with its customers to meet the ever-increasing challenges of severe-service applications.

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