MOGAS T & C-series valves are SIL 3 certified

Earning SIL 3 certificates for all C-Series and T-Series product lines means MOGAS valves are recognized to meet  internationally accepted standard IEC 61508.

The goal of IEC 61508 is functional safety, where automatic safety functions perform as intended or the system fails in a predictable (safe) manner. It applies to automated protection systems in all industries on a project level or product level.

To become IEC 61508 certified, detailed analysis by a third party is performed on the engineering process to evaluate techniques and measures that are in place to eliminate systematic failures, specifically caused by product design issues, and the random failure probability is evaluated.

IEC 61508 is a consensus standard and is internationally accepted by buyers and authorities who see it as the reference to reduce their uncertainty on complex systems. Buyers use it as a technical quality specification covering around 350 unique requirements, and operators and system vendors hope it will replace national requirements.

The safety life cycles of IEC 61508 are closely aligned with MOGAS’  process plan, as the company is involved in the design, verification of results, and modifications for continuous improvements.

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