Mondeo’s valves and hydraulic accessories ready

The latest version of Mondeo’s products catalogue, with new graphics and content, has been available for a few days now. 
It has not just been updated, but also enriched with new details: More technical information, for an increasingly more detailed presentation of the products, in particular the Small and Idrja check valves; Diagrams of the head loss, to assess the hydraulic efficiency of the products; Kv value for most of the check and shut-off valves. The Kv value defines the flow rate in relation to the head loss that is generated when the liquid passes through the valve, so it becomes useful for sizing systems; and Item code. Using the item code to identify the product and its technical specifications ensure that orders will always be correct.
It hopes that this new version can become a more efficient instrument for familiarising its clients with all the available products, their characteristics, and their advantages.
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