Monitoring district energy networks in Kotka

Kotkan Energia is a local energy supplier specializing in versatile energy production in the Kotka area. They mainly produce district energy, industrial steam, electricity, and waste utilization. Vexve’s valves and iSENSE monitoring solutions are part of the effective and reliable district energy distribution of Kotkan Energia.

In 2019 Vexve launched a new product family for smart underground monitoring. It consists of four products, two of which can be found in Kotka’s district energy network. In autumn 2022, Kotkan Energia introduced Vexve’s district energy monitoring solutions in three new locations: Ratakatu, Kotkankatu, and Kuitukatu. These district energy networks are connected to business properties, schools, and apartment houses.

Two monitoring systems were connected to the district energy lines during the renovation of Ratakatu and Kotkankatu: iSENSE Opti for real-time network optimization and iSENSE Pulse for leakage detection. Similar iSENSE devices were also retrofitted to the old district energy line at Kuitukatu. Furthermore, iSENSE Opti is powered by Vexve’s thermoelectric generator iSENSE Power in all these locations.

While using Vexve iSENSE products, Kotkan Energia can feed real measuring data into their district energy simulation models, such as information about pressure and temperature. This ensures that the simulation models are accurate. The devices also enable optimizing network operation.

In addition to iSENSE Opti, Vexve’s iSENSE Pulse leakage monitoring system is connected to the networks, which enables locating pipeline leakages in real time and preventing insulation damage caused by corrosion. Leakage detection is based on pulse-measuring technology via internal insulation alarm wires.

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