Moog adds new D937 series servo-proportional valve

Moog Inc. has released the new D937 Series Servo-Proportional Valve. This direct-operated, analog valve has been added to its robust portfolio of flow control devices to offer customers a wide range of choices based on needed features and price points. For over seventy years, Moog has consistently delivered state-of-the-art technology and engineering innovations that offer optimal reliability and performance.
The D937 Series valves are driven by a proportional solenoid and equipped with integrated electronics and closed-loop position control of the spool. This ISO 4401 size 05 valve is suitable for electrohydraulic control of position, speed, pressure, and force in open and closed-loop control systems. Customers will benefit from multiple standard features, including: a 4/4-way design with a failsafe position, electronics on the solenoid for a reduced envelope size and added vibration resistance, and exact replacement capabilities when switching from other valves on the market.
With superior resistance to vibration, temperature, and contamination, the D937 Series Valves are especially suited for plastics machinery, heavy industry, die casting, and the wood industry. The new valve is also ideal for applications requiring a high degree of precision control including marine, metal forming and presses, gas and steam turbines, and test-lab rigs.

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