Moog provides hardware for ATV-5 Georges Lemaître

Moog Space and Defense Group provided hardware to Thales Alenia Space in support of Automated Transfer Vehicle 5 (ATV-5) Georges Lemaître. The ATV-5, designed and built by Airbus Defence and Space as prime contractor, was launched this July from ELA-3, Kourou, French Guiana atop an Ariane 5 launch vehicle built by Airbus Defence and Space and operated by Arianespace. Georges Lemaître is the fifth ESA-built ATV.

The Ariane 5 ES, also built by Airbus Defence and Space as prime contractor, is an expendable launch vehicle used to deliver the ATV to the ISS. The Vulcain main engine is equipped with six Moog structural supports, which support the engine during launch. Moog also supplies the propellant valve assemblies (PVA), which control the pressure fed hypergolic upper stage engine. The Moog PVA is a single assembly that controls all functions of the engine, including purging for multiple starts and cooling. Moog provided a pressure equalisation assembly (PEA) which confirms that the cabin pressures of the ISS and of the ATV are equalised when the ATV docks to the station. Critical propulsion components were also supplied by Moog, including thruster valves, pressure transducers and non-return valves.

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