Mooney releases ultra-low pressure Flowgrid Slam Shut

Baker Hughes announces the newly released expansion of application coverage for the Mooney Slam Shut and Flowgrid Slam Shut product lines for use on ultra-low pressure systems down as low as 5 inches of water column (~0.2 PSI). While most gas systems operate within the standard range of coverage, some systems, particularly older systems, operate at significantly lower pressures. Protection of those ultra-low pressure systems is equally important as minor pressure excursions can result in pressures exceeding the MAOP (maximum allowable operating pressures). Although low pressures are often seen as less dangerous, serious accidents can still occur when dealing with any unplanned excursion of a flamable gas.

The Mooney Series 50 Slam Shut Valve Controller is a highly accurate and robust controller designed for over pressure and under pressure protection of systems down to 10 psi. With the addition of a standard Series 20L pilot, the Series 50 Controller can be made to operate at pressures as low as 5 inches of water column, providing proven Slam Shut protection for those low-pressure systems.

The Series 50 SSV Controller uses the sense pressure of the system to activate a trip lever in an Over or Under pressure condition which in turn releases a flapper that shuts off flow to the downstream system. That trip mechanism traditionally required a minimum of 10 psi to generate enough force to trip the internal slam shut flapper. Through the addition of a 20L pilot, the assembly can be reconfigured to use the amplified upstream pressure to provide the energy required, while still sensing and responding to the lower downstream pressure.

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