More CCI valves used in Kepco plant

A USD 1 million order has just been received by CCI to supply turbine-bypass valves that include HBSE, LLP™, and the 840G Cage-Guided valves for Kepco’s 1800 MW Pusan combined-cycle power plant. This award includes four 8 x 12-inch HBSE valves with pressures ranging up to 2062psi, and temperatures up to 1065 F. The eight 840G globe valves range in sizes up to 3 inches, and have pressures ranging up to 500psi, with temperatures up to 140 F. The four LLP™ valves range in sizes of up to 10 inches with pressures ranging up to 95psi and temperatures up to 534 F. The LLP™ delivers superior pressure and reduction and temperature control, low noise and vibration, and fast response in a compact complete steam conditioning control valve.

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