Morgan Advanced Materials quadruples PCMA capacity

Morgan Advanced Materials has quadrupled its capacity for the production of co-fired multilayer piezoelectric components (PCMAs) as it prepares to take advantage of attractive projected market growth.

Morgan has upgraded its existing facilities allowing it to produce tens of thousands more PCMA components every month. In addition to enabling the business to achieve a higher output, the upgrade has also enabled Morgan to improve its accuracy of electrode registration to produce a higher quality of multi-layer application. This adds to Morgan’s existing capacity for precision dicing, sputtering, and automated optical inspection, all performed in a cleanroom environment.

PCMAs are fast gaining traction because their inherently capacitive nature means that they do not require any magnetic coils, therefore providing simple, compact solutions to actuation needs. They are also free of electromagnetic interference, while offering high energy efficiency, allowing Morgan’s engineers to offer customers an extended battery life for their products.

Morgan’s proprietary composition has already demonstrated the capability to produce ultra-thin PCMAs, producing components as thin as 100 microns with aspect ratios as high as 1/100.

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