Moulded boiler gaskets

USA-manufactured Topog-E boiler gaskets are now supplied in the UK and across Europe by James Walker’s network of companies and official distributors. These rubber-moulded gaskets are certified for steam pressure vessels at 193degC and 13bar. Made in metric and inch sizes to fit standard handholes and manholes on boiler plant, they can also be used on air compressor tanks, water towers and many other types of pressure vessel. Topog-E gaskets are specifically designed for optimum resistance to the heat, steam and pressure of boilers. Properly installed Topog-E gaskets will not allow seepage and therefore prevent corrosion occurring around inspection openings. At inspection time they peel off easily and leave a clean surface. Standard material for the gaskets is a proprietary rubber compound developed and manufactured by the Topog-E Gasket Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

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