MSS receives ANSI approval

The Manufacturers Standardization Society (MSS) states that current Standard Practice, SP-134-2012, Valves for Cryogenic Service, including Requirements for Body/Bonnet Extensions, and SP-144-2013, Pressure Seal Bonnet Valves, have been approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as American National Standards (ANSs).

MSS SP-134 was developed under MSS Committee 114, “Steel Valves” and is now utilized in many industrial sectors; including Paper, Chemical, Petroleum Production and Transport, Petro-chemical, Nuclear Power and others that involve requirements for cryogenic valves. This Standard Practice defines the requirements for material, design, dimensions, fabrication, non-destructive examination, and pressure testing of stainless steel and other alloy cryogenic service valves. MSS SP-144 was also developed under MSS Committee 114, “Steel Valves” and is being utilized in many industrial sectors, including those indicated for SP-134 and others that involve requirements for pressure seal bonnet valves. This Standard Practice establishes design and construction requirements for steel and alloy valves having pressure seal bonnets in the size range of NPS 2 (DN 50) through NPS 50 (DN 1250) and Pressure Classes 600, 900, 1500, 2500, and 4500.

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