Mubadala Petroleum starts production at Manora

Mubadala Petroleum has started production at the Manora oil field in Thailand. Production is expected to reach a peak rate of approximately 15,000 bopd as production wells are completed. Up to 10 production wells and 5 injection wells in the main reservoir sequence are planned. The field is located within the G1/48 concession, approximately 80km offshore in 44m of water depth.

The Manora project has been delivered with a strong emphasis on safety. Together with partners Tap Energy (Thailand) and Northern Gulf Petroleum, the company has invested approximately USD 300M in the development.

COO Bakheet Al Katheeri said, “The Manora development builds on Mubadala Petroleum’s strong technical understanding of the subsurface in this basin, which is based on the experience gained over the years in the very successful operation of the Jasmine oil field in concession B5/27. The Jasmine field has already produced well over 50 million barrels of oil, far exceeding the 7 million barrels of recoverable reserves underpinning the original project sanction in 2004. In addition to Jasmine and Manora, we are in the process of developing the Nong Yao oil discovery in concession G11/48 with first oil expected by mid-2015. By that time Mubadala Petroleum production from the three operated fields will more than double from current rates.”

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