Mubea develops springs for subsea industry

Mubea Disc Springs develops and manufacturers disc spring stacks which are used in many industry sectors including the subsea industry.

The energy sector uses Mubea spring stacks everywhere from drilling tools to the tip of the flare stacks and subsea valve actuators. The advantages that Mubea disc spring stacks offer have been utilized successfully in the oil industry for three decades and at the beginning of the 21st century the subsea sector embraced the concept for the first time. By using disc springs in their subsea actuators a leading subsea contractor was able to offer benefits that none of its competitors were able to do.

The compact design offers many advantages to operating companies in the subsea industry in terms of weight and the space requirements for a complete subsea tree as each tree may have as many as seven actuators.

The prototype springs were tested by Mubea in purpose built horizontal fixtures that exactly replicated subsea conditions. The springs are tested to offer long term performance. This can be attributed to the level of quality management that Mubea exercises throughout the manufacturing processes.

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