Neles Neldisc butterfly valves

Process challenges extend beyond high temperatures, encompassing abrupt temperature fluctuations as well. Such variations pose heightened demands on process equipment, emphasizing the need for material compatibility across a wide operating window, rather than just at specific temperatures. While utilizing a single material may seem like a straightforward solution to ensure consistent thermal expansion, it often results in trade-offs in performance, tightness, or durability for plant operators.

The Neles Neldisc metal seated triple eccentric butterfly valve stands out for its superior design, featuring a full-metal seat and a one-piece disc ideally suited for high-temperature applications. The self-centering seat ring enables movement perpendicular to the pipeline, ensuring optimal accommodation of the disc. This unique feature allows the seat ring to automatically adjust to steep temperature changes, maintaining tight shut-off even at elevated temperatures. By preventing the disc from jamming against the seat during temperature fluctuations, the self-adjusting mechanism guarantees uncompromised reliability and enhances process safety, particularly in extreme conditions.

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