NemoteQ 8Nm actuator

New from Slaney Direct, the NemoteQ 8Nm spring return damper actuator NAFA-08(S)Nm Series is designed for applications in HVAC, or light industry and telecommunications. The high quality spring return damper actuators have been designed for use with air damper, butterfly valve, characterised ball valve and globe valve with the use of special adapters. The spring return actuator NAFA-8Nm with on/off control is also available. The launch of the respective modulating actuator is scheduled for 2007. NemoteQ’s NVCB Series of electrically automated characterised ball valves designed for the HVAC market are now available. Choices include on/off, three-point and 0(2)-10V DC proportional control in non-spring-return 24V AC/DC, 230V AC. Spring return actuators are available on request. All actuators include a manual override lever for manually positioning the valve when the actuator is not powered.
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