New 3-way ball valves ensure high durability

ATEC GmbH has now developed innovative ball valves with minimised dead space that allow the safe flow of material in multiple directions and provide reliable protection against blockages – even with abrasive products, high pressures and extreme temperatures.

The state-of-the-art special ball valves, which ATEC manufactures and markets itself, feature a T-bore, which allows a flexible 3-way redirection of the material flow. The products are unique in that the cavities are filled out with half-shells made of a range of materials from high-temperature plastic to stainless steel depending on the product, providing reliable protection against deposits in the housing. They are suitable for temperatures up to 500°C and can also be used with extremely high pressure of up to PN 320. The metal ball valves, for which a special manufacturing process was developed, all have the highest level of leak tightness (Leakage rate test in accordance with DIN EN 12266-1 Leakage rate A = zero bubbles). This is a major advantage over many other metal ball valves on the market, because these only have “Leakage rate B”, which allows a certain amount of bubbles per minute.

The ATEC metal-sealed 3-way ball valves are also characterised by a prolonged service life, a higher switching frequency, high flow rates, and high chemical resistance to corrosion with a resulting reduction in maintenance intervals.

The ball valves, which have already been successfully tried and tested by well-known companies around the world, are now in stock for all customers in Germany and abroad. They are also available with an L-bore and in horizontal and vertical versions with nominal diameters ranging from DN 15 to DN 250.

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