New Alfa control and indication unit

Alfa Laval has introduced its new ThinkTop© Control and Indication Unit with an AS-Interface. The revolutionary design offers two additional internal signals, external signals or one of each, offering the most complete and flexible communication. The AS-Interface is an open standardised fieldbus network system incorporated inside the sensor of the ThinkTop©. The simplicity recognised by the AS-Interface network standard, allows communication with other network systems through Gateways, e.g. DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, ControlNet and Interbus-S. The Unit can be set without the dismantling or adjusting of existing valves, it’s self-adjusting, fits all sanitary Alfa Laval valves and has a wide range of interface modules. It also features integrated indication of seat lift, external signals – including maintenance indication and saves set-up parameters until re-programmed – event in the event of a power failure. Once the top is mounted on the valve the air supply can be added. The unique sensor system has a series of microchips that calculate the current position of the valve stem, allowing the ThinkTop© to be self-adjusting.

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