New Badger Meter technical book

Badger Meter Europa GmbH, a manufacturer of flowmeters and small control valves, presents under the title ”Flow Metering, Controlling, Batching, Monitoring and Recording” a new technical book for all users of flow measurement & control technology. The complex issue of flow metering and controlling of liquids and gases is explained in detail over 320 pages. The choice for the right metering technology is determined for the application and the required accuracy class. This book presents the important criteria to all users in a clearly laid-out format and content, and shows the fundamental, theoretical differences of the measuring principles with their advantages and disadvantages. It deliberately avoided long, scientific derivations and details to provide the users with practical support and important facts, which should help them as a reference book for the selection of the best suited flowmeter or control valve. The authors Horst Gras and Heinz G. Erb bring more than 35 years experience to the book. A practical andrelevant reference book is now available for the user of flow measurement & control technology.
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