New butterfly valve

Tyco Valves and Controls has further expanded its range of valves for hygienic applications with the introduction of the new Keystone F250D double block and bleed butterfly valve (BFV). The unit consists of two sets of standard F250 BFV components mounted in tandem within a single integral valve body to provide an inline separation cavity when both valves are in the closed position. The cavity permits the isolation of two non-compatible fluids such as CIP and product. Suitable for dairies, breweries, wineries, food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical applications, the F250D BFV features Keystone’s valve and actuator technology, failsafe pneumatic interlocks and a fully machined 316L stainless steel body. Incorporation of a special linkage with safety guard means that only one actuator is required and a travel limited actuator facilitates disc overlap so that the leakage cavity volume can be minimised. The separation cavity has two pneumatically interlocked poppet valves, tangentially opposed to provide for the introduction and draining of CIP or flushing liquids. The valve is designed for a general temperature range -10C to 95C.

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