New corrosion resistant line production facility

Tantaline®, a producer of tantalum surface alloys for valves, fittings, instrumentation, and custom products in hot acid environments, has announced the opening of its new production facility. Located on the Danfoss campus in Norborg, Denmark, the expansion marks the Company’s second production facility. The new facility will produce Tantaline’s corrosion resistant line of products through its tantalum vapor technology. The technology involves heating and reacting pure tantalum metal to produce a gaseous atmosphere of tantalum. The tantalum vapor forms an alloy bond on any standard steel part, resulting in the most corrosion resistant material commercially available – that is also priced competitively to nickel alloys. Tantaline’s products are specifically designed for businesses and engineers that work with hot acids and/or use nickel alloys, titanium, or zirconium metals and require superior corrosion performance. At 5300sq/ft including a reactor system, Tantaline’s new production facility increases the company’s capacity significantly. Additionally, Tantaline has secured a staff of five employees to manage operations at the new building.
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